EMNLP 2023 Style Files and Formatting


Please use the following templates for paper submissions:


Please follow the formatting documentation general to *ACL conferences available here. The templates themselves contain only specific notes (e.g., LaTeX notes in the .tex file).

Extra Space for Ethical Considerations

Please note that extra space is allowed after the 8th page (4th page for short papers) for a limitation section and an ethics/broader impact statement. At submission time, this means that if you need extra space for the sections on limitations and ethical considerations, it should be placed after the conclusion so that it is possible to rapidly check that the rest of the paper still fits in 8 pages (4 pages for short papers). For camera-ready versions, 9 pages of content will be allowed for long (5 for short) papers. The limitations section, ethics statement, acknowledgments, and references do not count against these limits.