Main Conference Reviewing Process

For EMNLP 2023, some of the reviews, author responses and meta reviews will be made publicly available. Our motivation is to provide increased transparency in the review process, to foster more accountability for reviewers and higher quality reviews as well as enabling peer review research by providing an open collection of papers and reviews. We will follow a process where only reviews, author responses and meta reviews of accepted papers and opt-in rejected papers will be made publicly available after the acceptance notifications. We will use the OpenReview platform, which is also currently used by the ACL Rolling Review as well as other related conferences and is well suited to this type of process.


  • Q: Is the proposed process compatible with the ACL anonymity policy?
    • A: The proposed process is not in conflict with the anonymity policy. In addition, reviews and responses will be made publicly available and papers de-anonymized only after acceptance notifications.
  • Q: Why is there a distinction between accepted and rejected papers?
    • A: This is an experiment for EMNLP 2023 and we adopt a conservative approach, including releasing reviews and responses only after acceptance notifications. Moreover, we expect that many authors of rejected papers would not like to see their deanonymized paper along with reviews publicly available.